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World Famous Astrologer Mohamohopadhaya Sree Partha Bhattacharya (M.A.)

Gurujee Partha Bhattacharya is a great scholar of the vedas and Astrology.By the time Gurujee Partha Bhattacharya reached the age of 31. He had acquired a great knowledge and proficiency.He become a pandit of fortune teller. After a few years he stepped out to the wide India outside,holding astrological camps in the various important towns of the country and cering people of their maladies. At every camp of his people would flock in large numbers and he read their problems by means of astrological Spirillum.

#Gurujee practices multiple criteria of making a prediction followed by remedy,if necessary.

#Gurujee found a society at Howrah Tara Brahma Seva Samity (West bengal ACT XXVI of 1961) Registration No - S/22L/NO-32886 of 2014-2015.

#Gurujee has successfully if many years as a Astrologer, Tantra and Vasta bid in India.

# Gurujee also found Tara Bam vedic Astrology and Tantra academy for studies of Astrology,Tantra.Palmistry and Vastu shastra.

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